A Christmas Carol:
The Musical Ghost Story
by Joel Mercier
Based on the Charles Dickens Classic


A Christmas Carol: The Musical Ghost Story is nominated for the NH Theatre Awards 2017 under the Community Category.

As Ebenezer Scrooge wakes up the morning before Christmas, he has no idea he is being watched by an old friend with the help of three ghostly companions. Today will be Scrooge's final test before he gets the visit of his life and finds out the true meaning of Christmas.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: THE MUSICAL GHOST STORY is a new musical adaptation that adds a modern touch to the well-known story. Dickens' traditional characters, exciting new songs, and some frightful ghosts make this version a fun and surprising retelling of the famous Holiday "Ghost Story!"

Joel Mercier's adaptation has focused on how to make a modern audience feel a wider range of emotions, based on Dickens original intentions. Examples include the addition of the Prologue in which the audience sees Marley's fate revealed; Tiny Tim's music box symbolizing the love of a family with nothing but each other; The alter egos of the three spirits who in the beginning attempt to give Scrooge one final warning; and most importantly, the humanization of Ebenezer Scrooge, portraying him as a relatable "every man" who has lost his way, not unlike someone in today's society.

Available Roles
We are looking for 17 Adult & 15 Youth Actors.  A CHRISTMAS CAROL is very much an ensemble piece where everyone (with the exception of Scrooge) plays multiple roles.  We are looking for actors of all ages, nationalities, and body types!

Adult Roles
Youth Roles:
Live Audio Clips from the 2010 Premier Production
produced by the Community Players of Concord: